Sleep Apnea Exercises

Did you know that there are Sleep Apnea Exercises which are designed to train your body to keep airways open while you sleep?

Sleep Apnea occurs in many individuals, and may be brought on by being overweight, or even highly stressful lifestyles. Exercises are a great alternative to CPAP machines and the best way for you take some measure of control over your condition.

Unfortunately, most people who suffer from Sleep Apnea are unaware while it is happening, because it occurs when you are asleep. However, short of volunteering for a sleep study, notable symptoms are the inability to focus, becoming fatigued and tired in the middle of the day, or being short of temper or suffering mood swings for no apparent reason.

What Are Sleep Apnea Exercises?

Simply put, Sleep Apnea Exercises are breathing exercises that can be performed in class or by yourself in your home, that train your breathing passages to stay open and clear while you sleep.

If you live with a significant other, then he or she will probably gladly help you, as Sleep Apnea can be rather unnerving to the observer, because breathing stops for periods while you are sleeping, when it occurs.

What Are Some Forms Of Exercises That Are Good For Sleep Apnea?

Some Sleep Apnea Exercises are as simple as reciting your vowels throughout the day, and then again before bed. Others have noticed that playing a wind instrument helps to improve breathing.

Still other people suffering from Sleep Apnea have gotten involved in yoga and martial arts, because the breathing exercises reduce stress and eliminate Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea Exercises & Clinical Trials

Back in 2013, the New York Times reported that people were selected to participate in a Sleep Apnea Study, which also explored possible exercises that could remedy the condition.

Because Sleep Apnea is caused when the upper muscles in the mouth and throat either spasm or are simply not in shape, they isolated a group to see if certain breathing and speaking exercises could improve the muscles and thereby reduce the severity of the condition.

The results were rather impressive. Exercises that incorporate breathing, control, as well as using the muscles in your throat, mouth, and tongue (and muscle in itself) helped to greatly reduce and even eliminate Sleep Apnea in members of that study.

Where to Find Exercises & Guides?

If you’re not too keen on learning an instrument or taking elocution classes, there are a number of places, both online and near where you live that have breathing classes directed specifically for those looking for Sleep Apnea exercises.

There are a number of online guides, and even a few free videos that demonstrate sleep apnea exercises for breathing and muscle control. While you cannot remain aware of your muscles while you are sleeping, Sleep Apnea exercises train your muscles so that they remain in position to keep air passages open, even while sleeping.

Apart from that, there a number of online directories to places that specialize in Sleep Apnea exercises and treat a number of sleeping disorders.

Get Started

Sleep Apnea exercises are beneficial to those suffering from the condition, as well as those who want to help prevent the onset of Sleep Apnea. The exercises are simple, fun, and you can do them with others or on your own – on top of that, they are a great alternative to medication.

Sleep Apnea affects more and more people each year, and the manifestations can be downright scary – mood swings, loss of memory, respiratory problems – the worst part being that unless you are sharing a bed with someone, or participate in a sleep study, you may never know that you have it.

However, Sleep Apnea exercises not only help to eliminate the condition, but they can also help your breathing and prevent its onset. Do yourself a favor; look into Sleep Apnea exercises today.