CPAP Pillows

CPAP pillows are special pillows made to allow CPAP wearers to sleep more comfortably. It is ergonomically designed and made so the CPAP mask wearers can have more freedom of movement no matter if they sleep on their sides or back or even their stomach.

It’s great for sleep apnea patients who wear the CPAP mask or a BiPap Machine mask, as both of these are for people who have breathing problems. These CPAP pillows help to keep the neck supported and the spine supported.

Regular Pillows Don’t Do the Same Job

A regular pillow just won’t hold up the same way as CPAP CPAP Pillowspillows do since they are special made to do the job of supporting CPAP or BiPap wearers while they sleep so their masks don’t come loose or otherwise have issues. It also helps the masks not to leak since it gives the neck and face the support they need for a good night’s sleep.

There are even CPAP pillows that have special made hollowed out sections to put the CPAP gear inside of to better support the tubes, masks, and other gear.

You may want to try out several kinds of CPAP pillows to find the one that you want that works the best for your own situation. They come in several sizes and shapes, as well as some coming with a polyester fiberfill and some that are even washable in the washing machine to make it simple to clean them.

There are also travel versions of CPAP pillows you can get to help when you go on trips so you don’t have to lug around the bigger version you use in your bedroom. This size is also good for napping and you can even use it in your lounge chair. Most are contoured to be stable platforms for your mask and designed so that it doesn’t matter if you sleep on your right or left side, it will still work for helping you to sleep.

CPAP pillows are made so that the equipment needed by the sleeper fits with it and the sleeper will be supported as needed so their mask wont leak or come off. The pillow is shaped accordingly and has spaces for the gear to fit dependent on the type of sleeping problem.

For instance, if you have sleep apnea and sleep on your tummy, you will need CPAP pillows that have an extra place in the middle of the pillow to put your face, as well as gaps for the gear you need to breathe during the night.

Some CPAP pillows have ties for the hoses, some have zipper covers so you can wash the covers and some are weighted accordingly to the wearer’s height.

Benefits of CPAP Pillows

Some of the main benefits of CPAP pillows are:

  • Able to sleep more comfortably
  • Spaces in the pillows support the CPAP masks and so the masks leak less
  • Reduces the strain and pressure of the masks Reduction of pressure on the face from the CPAP mask
  • More people will comply with wearing their masks since they will be more comfy
  • Better supports the neck and spine
  • Air flow is improved from the CPAP machine

Does Insurance Cover CPAP Pillows?

Medical insurance may or may not cover your CPAP pillows, even though things like Medicare do cover the masks and other CPAP gear. If you are concerned about paying for CPAP pillows, then you should talk to your insurance company to see what their policies are. Some types of private insurance companies do cover CPAP pillows, but you will have to find out if yours does from your agent.

Do You Really Need a CPAP pillow?

If you are a CPAP or BiPAP wearer and your mask is uncomfortable when you sleep then you may need CPAP Pillows, otherwise you may not need one. You will have to try out various models to see which one is best for your situation.

Your doctor can help you by letting you do a sleep study if needed to see which is best for your situation. It is important not to choose the wrong kind of CPAP pillows because then your gear may not work correctly.

The bottom line is that if you are someone who suffers from problems such as sleep apnea and are having problems with the comfort of your mask, or with the gear slipping around, then the usage of CPAP pillows will more than likely benefit you and help you to sleep better.

You will need to talk to your doctor or insurance company to see if they can help you to choose the type of CPAP pillows that are best for your situation and to be able to afford the costs.